Visionary Mind Records

Our Vision

Visionary Mind gets out from a weird blend of ancient planet elements. The immortal, regenerating magma boiling in the dry plains of an eternal desert gave birth to an enzimatic spirit with a magnetic core, that attracts lonely emotional patterns of beauty along its journey.

At the beginning of its trip our cloud of magic vapour is starting to explore musical landscapes. The law of attraction ruling this journey allows Visionary Mind to collect fresh unknown moods, glimpsed feelings that romantically unfit the prefabricated shelves of common intended emotions. Born from magma but flying across the oceans, we slip along the styles’ thick borders , from a status of Silence to the Noise, from the noise to the Sound.

Visionary Mind vapour blows to develop a state of grace together with the energies of those who believe that magic states of mind make life a better dream.